dnd 5e barbarian bonus actions

Plus, you're a little tiny Hobbit screaming at someone and shoving them to the ground.
Please note that races that begin with flight are not allowed in Adventurer's League, and may not be allowed by your.
Races, with PHB and supplements.
Grugach get Strength (good!) and a Druid Cantrip (can be okay).Drow get magic that's not all that useful to you, and nothing else they have is very good for you either.MToF Elf Subraces : Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes adds even more elves.Kenku : Mental scores and skills you probably don't have good stats for?Volo's Guide to Monster's Races Aasamir : Charisma and spells?Siren : Flight is nice.Minotaur pokerstars casino black screen : Charge, bonus action attack with a knockdown chance, natural weapon, good stats?Naga : Intelligence ain't so hot, but Constitution sure.Flavorful and effective, especially if you're an Ancestral Guardian.Lightfoots aren't all that stellar on a Barbarian sadly, as Charisma is wasted and Barbarians aren't known for being sneaky.Loxodon : Your don't get Strength but the Constitution is still good.
Not all that good.