As for honorable mentions, Nightshade and Inaugural Address both sport Kill Clip, which in my opinion is one of the best overall perks in the game, as it allows a pretty significant chunk of bonus damage to be done for a short time if you.
The best thing Bungie did for it was create additional ammo reserves so it doesnt burn through all your bullets in about three reloads every time.
Impact: 18, range: 37, stability: 46, reload Speed:.Most so, the ways in which weapons are distributed between the three weapon slots is no longer designated by Primary, Special, and Heavy weapons.With a new pulse rifle buff it is seriously strong, and though it didnt have any super crazy changes with the exotic rework, its still a solid choice.While not ideal for crowds, if you can get off five successive shots and land them all perfectly, they'll bind together and become explosive - not fun for the foe you're targeting.Ghost Primus and Scathelocke are solid Kinetic options, with GP allowing you to overflow the magazine if you wipe a few adds before reloading, and Scathelock using High Caliber Rounds to flinch adds and prevent them from firing back.White ammo is Primary, green ammo is Special, purple ammo is Heavy.Cons - Below average reload speed, inventory, and aim assist.Not great for bosses, but absurdly fun when used against adds or yellow-bar enemies.On top of that, it has the exotic version of Kill Clip to boot.The big boy is back thanks to a new exotic quest that everyone will run into during Warmind.Perks and stat-wise it's a clear gratis casino spel luck front-runner, thanks to high blast radius, reload speed, handling, mag size, stability, inventory and aim assistand my personal favorite perk, Spike Grenades, which deals bonus damage on direct hits.Explosive Payload provides you with bonus damage to enemy combatants in PvE, and an extra round in the mag is just more damage to be done before reloading.
Shotguns, sniper Rifles, sMGs, grenade Launchers, fusion Rifles.