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Or what a loaf of bread worth.50 today wouldve been worth in 1986 when adjusted for inflation?
Read more about CPI on the Stats NZ website.
You can only solve for one attribute at a time.
Prior to decimalisation on, New Zealand used a system of currency made up of pounds, shillings and pence.Although various other price indices are published where can i book flights and only pay a deposit by Statistics New Zealand to provide a gauge of inflation in non-household sectors of the economy, the CPI is the most commonly used and recognised measure of inflation in New Zealand.Nzcu Baywide.80, term investment, raboDirect.80, raboDirect Term Deposits, based on a 50,000 deposit.Food, food Price Group from the CPI, Statistics New Zealand.Read more about inflation in our 'What is inflation?' fact sheet.More Rates institution, rate, product, general Finance.80.If it only purchases 1 cent worth of goods and services casino pa internet tips then the decline is around.Both are also available on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.Estimates for the years between 18ve been included but should not be regarded as being official, or of the same quality as the published CPI.This material is for information purposes only.The rate of change between the CPI price level today and the CPI price level one year ago is commonly referred to as the inflation rate, or sometimes "headline CPI inflation".Background notes, the Consumers Price Index CPI published by Statistics New Zealand Stats NZ records the change in the price of the "basket" of goods and services purchased by an "average" New Zealand household.For both of these series, a quarterly track has been interpolated from annual estimates and rebased to the current CPI base (June 2017 quarter1000).For example, if 1 bought 1 worth of goods and services in 1980 but only 50 cents in 2003 then the purchasing power has declined.
One pound was equivalent to 20 shillings, and 12 pence made up one shilling.
Housing, house Price Index, PropertyIQ.

About the inflation calculator, the Inflation Calculator is updated on the day of the Consumers Price Index release.
Please see the Statistics New Zealand release calendar for the next Consumers Price Index release date.