denmark gambling regulation

Definitions in law, fantasy league games are considered and regulated as pool betting and require a licence to be offered.
However, under Danish law, a computer set up in a public place that can only access one particular online casino is considered to be a land-based casino offering and requires a land-based casino licence.
However, the growth numbers are somewhat influenced by the increased amount of bonus money available as the competition on the Danish market increases.The current regime allows for eight land-based casinos, and consideration to geographic location is given when granting a licence, thereby creating a sort of geographical competitive protection for land-based casinos.With effect from, the EU Regulation on General Data Protection enters into force, with considerable increase in fines for violation.The same provision allows the Gambling Authority to block access from Denmark to the violating operators website or websites.With regard to outlets for lottery and betting (including betting shops there are no defined geographical restrictions and, similar to slot machine halls, there are no limitations in numbers.The government has given no justification for maintaining a state monopoly on the offering of, for example, lotteries and scratch cards, and consequently the enforcement of this part of the legislation outside of Denmark is questionable at best.Further, betting operators have an obligation to have necessary and sufficient measures in place to identify and combat match-fixing.It was first proposed by the Minister of Culture and Minister of Finance, who both suggested for a law concerning the profits from gambling activities and one that was related to the operation of Danske Spil.Among the criteria for approval of the geographic location are: a it must be in a place or area frequented by tourists; b it cannot be in the immediate vicinity of a school, or any other building where children are present; and c the location.The lawsuit was further fuelled by the fact that the operator in question had accepted a fine of 500,000 kroner for alleged violation of AML requirements, in particular with regard to source of funds investigations.The supervision and exchange of information between the DGA and other bodies of the countrys government is also set in the laws provision.Ii The regulator With the law reform expressed by the enactment of the Gambling Act on, all powers regarding new casino sites april 2018 the regulation of gambling in Denmark have been combined and the Gambling Authority now has sole jurisdiction of all regulatory and compliance matters related to gambling.The rules on duty of disclosure, sale and marketing policy are described in Part 5 of the law, while Part 6 talks about the requirements towards managers and staff of the gambling venues.With the reform, the Gambling Authority was detached from the administration and responsibility area of skat and converted into an independent authority with its own management and budgetary responsibilities.Article 65 of the Gambling Act provides the Gambling Authority with the legal authority to block payment services to an operator offering gambling in Denmark without a licence.
After an initial period with a substantial number of cease-and-desist letters and ISPs blocking access to websites, the letters and advertisement ban, combined with critical mass in terms of number of operators with a licence to offer gambling, seems to be sufficient to keep most.

The new Gambling Act was intended to serve two purposes: to open the market for privately owned national and international betting and online casino operators; and to clean up the complex web of regulations, executive orders and unclear jurisdictional issues between local police, local government.
Since the enactment of the Gambling Act, it has been the philosophy of the Gambling Authority to seek dialogue with all stakeholders, including players and operators, to develop the market for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.
The only licence required is Danske Spil A/Ss licence to offer the game.