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In their view a simple division emerges between banking that serves society on the one hand by, for instance, lending people money to buy homes or lending businesses money to invest in productive machinery.
There are two main reasons why banks free casino earn money are unstable.
One way of helping ensure this is the case is by having government-backed deposit insurance so mugen 1 0 screenpack 1000 slots that people dont start or join bank runs. .
The average person wants to be able to access their money whenever they need it, yet doesnt want to take out a mortgage that might have to be repaid on demand by the bank.The first is that their main job is to turn short-term savings into long-term loans.In my blog roll, I have a list to 3rd party interivew I've had.Its aim is to stop banks using deposits that are backed by taxpayers to gamble on markets.It is only by accepting that banking is inherently unstable that it can be made safer.The first is to ensure that banks have more capital financing their loans to give them bigger buffers to absorb losses.Why are banks unstable and will these solutions help?However, I want to create a page so that I can link someone directly to my links.For many observers the source of instability comes from the casino or trading businesses of banks.A second is to ensure those losses fall on investors in the banks rather than on depositors or taxpayers.Britains version will enclose retail banks in a ring-fence to separate them from investment banking.Lastly authorities need the tools to clean up after failing banks so that their collapse doesnt cut people off from payment systems or firms off from access to credit.Many of the banks that collapsed during the financial crisis (let alone during earlier ones such as the Savings Loans crisis in America in the 1980s) were simple retail banks that provided loans to finance home-buying.Yet this explanation fails to pass the common-sense test.In Europe, too, regulators are drafting their own versions of laws intended to make banking safer.In contrast, many casino banks did rather well.Banks get around this problem of maturity transformation by gambling that on the whole most people wont want to withdraw all their cash at the same post office safe deposit box time.On the other hand is banking that involves trading securities, writing derivatives and other sorts of risky activities that, in the words of Adair Turner, are socially useless.Once one accepts that banking is inherently unstable then the solutions for dealing with it change from those aimed at removing risk from banking to measures intended to reduce both the risks and consequences of failure for banks.Smart Power: Climate Change, the Smart Grid, and the Future of Electric Utilities.