Seveal people were lightly wounded among whom were a police officer and one person was seriously wounded.
Riot of July 1968 ( Akron, Ohio, United States) Democratic National Convention riot, August 1968 ( Chicago, Illinois, United States) 1968 Rodney Riots ( Kingston, Jamaica ) 1969 Burntollet riot (near Derry, Northern Ireland on ) Race Riots of Singapore 1969 Czechoslovak Hockey Riots (1969).
40 people killed in violence by his followers.
Each core resource slot setting azure is placed at different part of the base with different defense structures around.1355 St Scholastica Day riot ( Oxford, England) 1517 Evil May Day (London, England) 1572."The Lebanese Exception" (PDF).Read More: Best TH9 War Base."Clashes between Kyrgyz rival groups leave one dead".Dont Miss these Awesome, bH5 bases, aND, bH6 bases!Siddique, Haroon (November 12, 2010).Id argue that it adds to them, in fact."Nigeria clashes 'leave 13 dead' near Jos"."Five killed in Peru's anti-mining clashes"."Chinese riots over girl's death BBC".
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Nika riots ( Constantinople, Byzantine Empire ).
Riots in Papua, Indonesia, 18 killed in rioting between rival clans.
"Chile strike: Clashes mar anti-government protest".