civ 6 bonus vs luxury resource

All Mongolian units get double the ooze covered mithril deposit vanilla usual Combat Bonus for having a higher level of Diplomatic Visibility than their opponent.
Unique Improvement: Seowon Replaces the Campus district.
Resource Management policy (unlocked by, conservation ) only requires 1 copy.Artifacts can be unearthed by, archaeologists after building.We cover each of these factors for all nine of the leaders below!Each has a chance to capture defeated enemy cavalry class units.Similarly, Farms get a one Food bonus.Unique Unit: Hwacha A Renaissance era unit with high ranged attack strength.When a Trader moves through any unclaimed tiles within three tiles of a Cree city, it claims the tiles as Cree territory.The Movement cost on these tiles is increased to three.Korea Perk: Three Kingdoms, mines get one additional Science if theres an adjacent Seowon.Mapuche Perk: Toqui All units trained in a city with an established Governor gain 25 percent Combat Experience.Founding a city on a strategic resource provides the strategic resource but not the resource yields.You can find those links just below this paragraph!Has 5 Combat Strength grand fortune casino no deposit bonus april 2018 when fighting in Hill and Forest tiles.Replaces the Renaissance Walls in the City Center.Leader Agenda: Billionaire Tries to have as many Trade Routes as possible.