capital one phone deposit

My main grip with this card is that it does have a high starting APR.
Called and the IVR robot confirms my payment.
Show more Comment 6 1 Follow User Flag Mar 30, 2018 shakeriac Applied for this card in Jan 2018 been paying on time my credit went from 540 to 680 yay!
It became part of the vehicle.I also have Credit Karma, but BE ware, Credit Karma is free for a reason - it is a rough estimate and often inaccurate on various levels.Current credit score 597.We are now in May and Transunion is 618 with Experian at 598 and Equifax is few points ey also will give you an increase after your 5th on time payment but the secure card will always stay so with the CS you have.All that I could say was wow!After three and a half months (and monthly online credit line increase requests - which are not hard inquiries, so do not affect your credit report I got a credit limit increase of double, at 651.I highly recommend this card to anyone!Deposit 10,000 or more of new money from an external bank (transfers between Capital One accounts will not qualify) within the first 10 days of account opening (Initial Funding Period).I had over 150 available on my credit line, and I tried to send best online casino finland money to a family member via Western Union, and it would not let me send it because Capital One counted that as a "cash advance".Customer service has been helpful and easy to understand anytime I have had an issue.Read more show more, comment 8 3, follow User, flag, may 09, 2018 marissas_16, i am very thankful for Capitol scores have increased and I actually have offers now.Will now, just maintain for the next 1-2 years, and wait for good unsecured offers (might apply for good/ great genting casino birmingham parking cards 3-6 months after fico score has maintained at 700 or so, if not getting solid offers by then).Much better credit limits and much better fair reporting.Other cards charged too much, such as MasterCard pre-paid cards for example.Capital One also enrolls you in Credit Steps, where you get an automatic increase in credit after 5 on time monthly payments.I immediately requested an increase on that one, and it is pending, though I am not sure if it will go through.To replace the card, they required the number - which I did not have as I no longer had the card.
Its really builds your credit I only use my card for small purchases to keep my card active I love this card cant wait till Im in the 700 club lol Comment 7 2 Follow User Flag Mar 10, 2018 raulp_18 I wown this card.