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If you dont shave daily this can be a very compelling reason to opt for a shaver with more 7 sins sloth meaning blades.
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In my opinion this is their main advantage.Those who find manual shaving too rough on their skin might also try electric shaving.A compact shaving head is in my opinion highly recommend in this case.As Braun attempted to change the fundamental economics of electric shaving, one of its biggest rivals, Panasonic, added another twist.Though safety razors had made shaving easier and quicker, most people still had to adhere to a relatively time-consuming routine of using a brush and soap to build a lather.But the early days of shaver function were about to be replaced by a golden age of electric shaver beauty.You can also find a much pricier Philips series, the 9700, but all you get for the money with that version is a numeric battery indicator rather than a series of LED bars.Instead, gently pull the skin taut with one hand and let the razor glide over your face in slow, steady strokes; youll want to experiment with circular motions, straight strokes, and going with or against the grain (youre looking for the perfect balance of closeness.Andrew Lichtman prefers to shave first thing in the morning with no washing.Throughout the evolution of the electric shaver, weve seen some milestone features being added, like the micro-foil, cordless operation, automatic cleaning stations, and multiple blades.That results in an odd phenomenon: A lot of people end up shaving with a gifted electric razor out of a sense of obligation, they dont like it much, and eventually give.When Brauns Pulsonic system claims 10,000 vibrations compared to Panasonics 13,000 cycle linear drive, youre dealing mostly with marketing terminologythough the higher-end occupants of any one manufacturers product line did seem to run stronger than their cheaper stablemates, as measured by shaving speed.
The Series 7s higher-pitched buzz is the shavers Pulsonic technology; the products faster vibrations are designed to lift hair faster and more completely.
The large surface of the shaving head, along with the advanced pivoting capabilities make them a better choice for men that shave their head.

Same with anything in Panasonics various series designations; same with Philips and Remington.