M/addons/wow/bonusrollpreview Fatality - Tells chat when someone dies, and by what.
Groupfinder Filters /Inspect your group, premade Filter - Helps you filter for (only show group with 0 tanks and 1 healer etc ) m/addons/wow/premade-filter.
MythicPlusTimer - A cleaner mythic timer m/addons/wow/mythicplustimer.
Comments, posts"d: Reply, clear All"s.M/addons/wow/lfg_silence Remember Declined - When you get declined from a group, it will remember this with a red X m/addons/wow/remember-declined Specific Dungeon Helpers sSpy - Helps with finding the Spy in Court of stars before last boss.m/addons/wow/new-openables Base casino monaco inside AP - Addon that shows you how much AP your AP tokens are worth.CurseForge, register, sign In, overview, autoLootSpecSwap, x Table of Contents.Keystone Helper - Explains the affixes for a key in the tooltip m/addons/wow/keystonehelper, lazy Keystones - When you interact with keystone pedestal, auto drags your key into.Artifact Power Help New Openables - One button to open all the AP you get from dungeons etc!CurseForge, register, sign In, overview, bonus Roll Helper, x Table of Contents.But can do much more.A must have if you have this many addons, the best Addon Controller addon: even lets you load addons without having to /reload!Mythic Plus Helper - The most indepth addon to check your groups(or people in queue) potential keyBooster.0 - Puts the keys people whisper to you in the queue frame!WhoLusted - Tells you who used bloodlust/timewarp m/addons/wow/wholusted BossPull - THE most exact boss pull addon.If you want to get healer loot bgo casino flashback off Oakheart and tank loot off Dresaron, or something like that, you can set it in the dungeon journal, and it will switch your loot-spec automatically when you get to those bosses.Shows lockout in adventure guide.(raidchecks) m/addons/wow/o-item-level, character Links - Best link addon, shows and much more premade Groups Filter - Another group filter addon, can filter bosses killed.
This addon is no longer supported.
If you want it to keep a separate list for every difficulty, type: /alss diff and type it again to switch back.

Leaving it here purely for archival purposes.
M/addons/wow/saved_instances Deadly Boss Mods - Tells you when bosses are going to use abilities m/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods gtfo - Addon that makes a sound if you stand in bad stuff m/addons/wow/gtfo WeakAura's - Addon used for tracking cooldowns visually sound.
That way you wont be fooled into another "ooooh look at that big number " 13 million (1100 ap) m/addons/wow/263791-base-ap APTokenPercent - Tells you how much an AP token is for your next weapon rank.0001 General Help Details - DPS meter (also includes.