bonus rewards for tanking lfr

Sit back and wait for dberglin pokerstars the addon to find inventory slot superstar smtown a satchel.
lfs roles 1 0 1 will scan for Tank and Damage, but not for Heal.This will never make it into the addon.The only time you got ilvl increases in dungeons, before Legion, was if they added new dungeons.While inside an LFG or LFR Queue the addon will not scan for satchels.(Shift-Click to add all Raidfinder wings to your watch list, Ctrl-Click to remove all Raidfinder wings from the list).For more options, like what flashback bonus casino the "L" in the center of the screen is for, how you can move/hide/interact with it and more, read below!This addon scans the Dungeon Finder/Raid Finder for when Call to Arms is active.ss3 toggle' This will show the Mainframe of the addon.Scan while in group, allows you to find satchels while in an group that are usually hidden by default while in a group.Select dungeons, open the Dungeon Finder window, select the dungeon(s) you want to scan, and press the L button for each dungeon to add them to your watch list.You will have to leave your Party/Raid to be able to Queue for the Reward.
Q: The addon just says "Scanning." is it still working?

What he is referring to, regarding last 2 expansions, is the increase to ilvl from the original expansion's dungeons.