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Boarding may also be denied, either by Bangkok Airways or a partner airline, whereby a member or passengers is found to have a disorder or suspicious record.
The channels used by FlyerBonus and Beyond Flying program for direct marketing communications contents are listed, but not limited, to those listed below: E-Newsletter EDM: Electronic Direct Mail SMS/MMS to the phone number given in the Members profile Bangkok Airways Airline Services Email: FlyerBonus Member.
Or for information on FlyerBonus, please visit.FlyerBonus uses 4 types of cookies: Strictly Necessary cookies: Are very essential to our website as these allow the web servers to respond to your actions, support the structure of the page being displayed to you as well as provide the consistency of experience during.FlyerBonus uses the information collected via cookies for the purpose stated in and protected under the privacy policy.Your Rights At all times, members can choose to opt-in or out of receiving FlyerBonus marketing material via the communication profile management menu.They are used to collect call deposit vs time deposit interest, generate/improve our reward programmes, create individual offers or promotions, measure advertising campaign effectiveness, provide smooth customer experience for members and select, or build communication tools.59 alexander.02 8 17:45 alexander.The effective date regard flight events, regardless of the booking date.Award redemption date, award categories redeemed, special meal requirements, special assistance requests, enquiries received via email, Bangkok Airways Ticketing, check-in counter and Airport Lounges, member service contact centre conversations are all stored in our members redemption data records.Marketing Cookies: These cookies are placed in m, m/beyondflying.To successfully complete flight award redemptions with Bangkok Airways or one of our partner airlines, we may share your personal data with other airlines.Analytical Cookies: These cookies help collect information about the way each visitor uses our website, which pages are most visited or location of use in order to analyze your preferences.By withdrawing their consent, members may not, as a consequence, have their requested service accommodated.To complete and facilitate award redemptions in the FlyerBonus and Beyond Flying programmes.What information do we collect from FlyerBonus Members and Beyond Flying programmes?Members of the programme may provide their bonus ticket to members of their families or to other relatives.We use collected data to complete and facilitate award redemption for members via the FlyerBonus or Beyond Flying programmes: Your travel itinerary will be processed in order to complete your reservations and booking for your flight award redemption.How do we use collected data?At the log-in stage).While other cookies are placed by third parties associated with, and under the control of Bangkok Airways Frequent Flyer Programme, FlyerBonus.Ser1956.02 7 10:31, ser1956.02 6 9:10, ser1956.02 5 8:45 Ser1956.02 4 8:19 Ser1956.02 5 7:32 Ser1956.02 1 6:50 mishany.02 3 2:43 alexander.
Requests from third parties for information on members or passengers may be accommodated especially those with disorder records.
Personal details, membership details, date(s) of redemption, qualifying tiers, service operator, facility, hospitality of choice and contact details may all or in part, be transferred to a third party partner to reserve or book a hotel, ancillary, car rental, lifestyle, restaurant, hospitality, and recreational facility.