bofors 155mm bonus ammunition

By August 2008, over 400 systems had been delivered to the US Army and usmc.
Image courtesy: US Army.
The high-velocity impactor penetrates the hull and kills or wounds the crew.M777 matches the firepower of current generation 155mm towed systems at less than half the weight.The shell and the nose assembly fall away.M777 howitzer A1 and A2 variants.The M777A2 will fire the Raytheon / Bofors XM982 Excalibur GPS / Inertial Navigation-guided extended-range 155mm projectiles using the Modular Artillery Charge Systems (macs).Bofors of Sweden and, nexter of France, designed for a long range, indirect fire top attack role against armoured vehicles.The M777 was deployed by the US Army and Marine Corps to Afghanistan in December 2007 and to Iraq in 2008.A contract for full-rate production guts freespins of 495 systems was awarded to BAE Systems in April 2005, and the following month the usmc began fielding the M777 with the 11th Marines unit at Twentynine Palms in California.United Defense LP of Pascagoula, Mississippi is responsible for the final assembly, test and delivery of production systems for the.The submunitions each contain a high-penetration.Later in November 2016, the Indian Ministry of Defence and the Government of the US agreed a foreign military sales (FMS) contract.The first four of six M777 systems were supplied by the usmc to the Canadian Army in December 2005 under a foreign military sales (FMS) contract.When the target is located the unit fires an EFP (Explosivley Formed Penetrator) that kills the target.
Operational testing with the usmc, during which nearly 12,000 artillery rounds were fired by four production systems, was completed in December 2004.

BAE Systems has developed a mobile version, the M777 Portee, which is mounted on a purpose-built 86 Supacat vehicle.
Contents 155 bonus is a 155 mm nato artillery round that consists of a 47-kilogram (104 lb) heavy artillery projectile containing two autonomous, sensor-fused, fire-and-forget submunitions.