This bores them and causes them to turn Cure Black.
Warframe : An accident in the Void drove all the adults on the Zariman 10-0 insane, while the children gained incredible Void powers and eventually became the Tenno.And one ritual ripped it all away.Several of Arthur's knights later suffer this at the hands of Lamia.In her case however she channels the crazy (along with lust) to one person and only one person: Naruto.(alias Professor Moody) was quite fond.Joa can "cook" others with a few slices to alter their "flavor changing them into completely different people.The episode "Splinters" features an experimental setup in which sidekick Mickey's memories of McCall saving his life are switched out casino 770 no deposit bonus codes for a scenario of cruel betrayal, thus giving him the motivation to assassinate McCall.In Hex, Jonah's girlfriend Stiletta was kidnapped and brainwashed into become a bloodthirsty competitor in the Gladiator Games.If you side with Morinth, you can learn her loyalty ability, Dominate.In the Birthright route, Takumi falls into the Bottomless Canyon and is placed under Anankos' thrall.In an interesting variety, the bad guys realize this and decide to just skip over that guy completely.It flares up again towards the end, but Azura breaks him out permanently this time.Now includes pharmacological math questions as described in my video.In Sonic Rivals 2, The Ifrit does this to either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Rouge, depending on whom you're playing as(I.E.

After massive reader backlash, this explanation was used as a hasty Author's Saving Throw to explain the massive FaceHeel Turn of Cassandra Cain.
She also gets a vinyl body suit.
One episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) features Eldritch Abomination Sh'Gora, who turns the Sorceress into a cackling harpy-like creature and sics her on the other heroes.