We will have to see how well the chain works and if they can make a go.
I'm not a bean counter but I fail to understand how they believe they can save enough to make tooling, manufacturing and packaging worthwhile.The Sweeds are pretty much the same, you can sell a world class chainsaw but if you put so so chain on it you have a so so saw.Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm.I work for an Oregon distributor, margins are thin.Besides when manufacturing you control your own destiny for supply, quality and price rather than viks 100 bonus code going to another vendor.It is not a stretch for the occasional user to buy Husky chain for a Husky saw. .A man armed with common sense is packing a big piece Philbert Oregon designs and/or builds their own equipment according to a ccompany rep.Exhaust full line, fittings, db killer 450.We have to move a lot of chain to make any money.They must figure that the volume they generate across all of their product lines is worth the margins.288 XP Lite 372XPG 562XP 357XP 550XPG 346XP, dolmar Super totally rebuilt and ported.Philbert Dave Shepard Maybe they want to offer something on par with Stihl chain.Sold, nox Frame (street legal swing arm, linkage, chain sliders rollers, sub frame 300.Husky sells huge amounts of chain, and not just on the new saws.Be UAB Agro Parts Baltija sutikimo draudžiama kopijuoti ir platinti svetainje esanią informaciją.288 XP Lite 372XPG 562XP 357XP 550XPG 346XP Dolmar Super totally rebuilt and ported Speeco 28ton splitter Silvey 510, Oregon 511AX Tecomec grinder Dave Shepard" from: Timberjack_395XP on February 28, 2014, 07:13:32 AM I remember not too long ago John Deere branded saw chain.I'am sure there will be startup problems.Yatt, i have heard Husqvarna is going to start manufacturing chain rather that rebadging the stuff they have yet. .
Oregon will flood the market with cheap Carlton chain and this venture will go the way of Sabre.

Yatt" from: Timberjack_395XP on February 28, 2014, 07:13:32 AM I remember not too long ago John Deere branded  saw chain here one day gone the next but I'd say there is a reason for husky to consider this but I just cant see them.
Kick stand 30, body plastic kit with fittings 200.