What is a horse flute?
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (or on its own if the game copy is removed from the basket before checking out) and an assortment of other items on the official buy page.
An optional character slot that can be purchased in the Character Selection screen.
Posted by is their a limit to how many characters I can make?Ticket_form_id_58755, submit a request, was this paras kasino bonus article helpful?Rule 6: Moderator Discretion, moderators u/Blisschen #ReduceT9Crons u/bdobloo /wtfbloo u/xCROv, tamer u/xCein u/Agarest u/Daylend10 u/AutoModerator, autoModerator.In case you didn't purchase any additional character slots and you have more than 6 characters after the server merge, only the first 6 characters with the highest level will be accessible and therefore playable.Play tera for free, as we learned at the end of last month, tera is about to merge a bunch of its PC servers in an attempt to unify the PC community on three servers in order to provide players with more grouping opportunities, faster.Rule 4: No guild recruitment.Understandably, folks arent exactly happy about that decision and are making their anger known in a mega thread on the official forums.2, during 2012 beta testing, you could purchase up to three additional slots, for a total of eight.View All Moderators, cookies help us deliver our Services.The default amount of character slots remains the same, meaning 6, and the maximum amount of characters slots expandable also remains.Any overflown characters will become locked and you will get the message "Character Slot is closed" when trying to log in on that character.
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