For each number shown on the dice he can move one checker.
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Cannonbet 2019 All rights reserved.Backgammon, the game of backgammon is more than 5,000 years old.How can I learn?Its origins are thought to go back as far as 3000BC in ancient Persia when a similar sort of game was thought to have been played.Join tournament and begin to play.At the start of the game the checkers must be on the board as follows:- Each player has five checkers on his six-point, three checkers on his eight-point, five checkers on his 13 point, and two checkers on his 24-point.Before you start playing be sure to read up on the rules and strategy for playing backgammon, to give you an edge while in competition with blackjack dealer stockholm other players, as you play online for money and prizes.It is one of the world's oldest games.Is there a way to limit the time for each backgammon game?Playing backgammon online is pretty much identical to playing it in your living room.If the loser did not have the time to bear off any checkers and has still at least one checker in the opponents home board or on the bar, the winner wins a backgammon corresponding to a triple win).The player can then move up to four checkers.You will learn when to double and what the best moves are.The home boards are separated from the outfields by a partition called the bar.Prove your skills and test your luck in the worlds most popular thinking game!The first player to have all his checkers borne off wins the game.Enriched with the products of the best providers in the market, CannonBet punters have the possibility to play amazing video bingo games and get their winnings fast.One difference is that online you meet new people from all over the world, or you can play with buddies of yours from all over.A checker may only be moved forward, from a higher numbered point to a lower numbered point.
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This happens when the player achieves a predetermined number of points.