I give you two extra hours, as bonus.
The only thing I would have changed would be to print all three cards with English on one side and German on the other - rather than a tranquility base hotel and casino review mojo double-sided English card, a double-sided German card and a one-on-each-side card.
So, if you've played Ark enough that you've memorized every decent animal combination, it's worth picking up the expansion for the added variety.It only addresses the differences between the base game and the expanded game.Then, they all could have been placed face-up for all the players to see.The bonus (as we've interpreted it) is that that means you get to place two dinos when playing this card - one on the "shy animal" card and one on the card for the animal type you drove out of the cabin.Grupo Extra 3:15, bonus Track: No Se Como Me Enamore.Demonaz 4:03, hot Coins - Geek Emotions (Jacob Korn Extra Workout Remix) digital bonus track.One: It's the only slow animal that lets you play a second card (even another slow animal or provision) on the same turn.Maybe an extra.5 million in signing bonus.Three of the animals have special abilities - although two of them are duplicates of abilities from casino coin mining the original game.Of these cards, 19 are nominally animals while 2 are provisions.The wood worm open a safe deposit box is not played in a cabin as normal.Your advance, your signing bonus, and a little extra for a moisture-rich mani.Like the hedgehog, the porcupine is a size 1 omnivore that's prickly enough to be safe sharing a cabin with a carnivore/omnivore of equal or greater size.Bits and Pieces, the expansion just consists of the 21 playable cards and 3 rules cards.

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