Level 5: Increases Aard Sign intensity.
None 1 None Focus Adrenaline Points increase both weapon damage and Sign intensity.Potion duration time: 5 Trial of the Grasses 5 28 Icon Name Description Prerequisite Levels Points Sun and Stars During the day, Vitality regenerates by an additional 10 points per second when not in combat.Aard Sign 5 28 Igni Sign This is one of your core Abilities.To my understanding, this would unlock all 4 new Ability Slot in the expansion, but only 3 were unlocked, 1 remains locked.Potion duration time: 5 Level 2: Blade oils now have 67 more charges.I started the game at level 68 with a bunch of Skill Point to waste, so I've researched all 12 of the new Mutation ability that the Blood Wine has to offer.Disable BaW Socket Colors - The bonus slots granted by BaW can only accept skills of the same color, you can disable this feature.Potion duration time: 15 Level 4: Adds 20 protection against attacks from the monster type the oil targets.Maintaining the attack consumes Stamina and Adrenaline.None 1 None Battle Frenzy Instead of its previous effect, Battle Trance now increases critical hit chance by 80 per Adrenaline Point.Level poker bonus deposit 10rb 4: Effect scales with Sign intensity up to maximum.Level 5: Aard now deals 200 damage.Weapon and Armor degradation is reduced by 100.
NGP Leveling - Same as standard, but applies only to NGP, you can choose to have all ability slots unlocked, (vanilla) or lock them until the required level is reached.
Potion duration time: 5 Bomb Creation 5 8 Efficiency Increases the maximum number of bombs in each slot.