With 1200 JP and the right gear, this setup can be quite durable and tank most things with surprising efficiency.
The last 2 slots are flex slots, attachments you should swap based on the target you are Overdriving.
Combined TP (Intro) No Ohtas Combined TP (Late Game) Using Ohtas Combined TP Dream Tier This set doesn't require Ohtas, and allows the master to use the oh-so-wonderful Moonbow Belt 1 Alternative: Tali'ah Manteel 2 is a step-down from the reforged relic body.Ventriloquy Swaps the enmity of the current target between master and automaton.Nearly indestructible tanking capabilities!Heatsink and Condenser if you want to avoid Overloading.Currently, the maximum amount of -DT possible from gear alone on PUP is 53, with the rest being covered by Armor Plates (-PDT) and Mana Jammers (-MDB) attachments.Valoredge head will guarantee your Automaton will remain in melee range for additional DPS, and additional TP generation.Comes equipped with Inhibitor and Speedloaders for maximum self-skillchaining.1/5 Definitely get atleast 1 point in Ventriloquy as it is a very useful ability.Merit Selection Job Gift Order Merits Merit selection for PUP is fortunately pretty evident.Decrease burden by 1 per rank.To make this doubly tedious, there are no skill-up books for Automatons.Gear for Pet:VIT Pet:Double Attack.Automaton Attachments Attachments are the bread butter of Puppet master!Since you have no more room for Fire, Coiler becomes an option that you don't consider at 1200.Earring, Doyen Pants, Acerbic Sash 1, Pahtli Cape for "Cure" Spellcasting time poker freeroll пароль down.Does your enemy spam the same a single damaging TP move over and over?An Upgrade for your very first animator which gives your Automaton a whopping 2 DEX.If hand-to-hand weaponskills ever get buffed (.Reduces attack delay.
The bonus cherry on top is that you become immune to Overload as well, though you still accumulate Burden, so risk of Overloading once Overdrive ends is higher.

This sometimes can cause your Automaton to interrupt player intended skillchains, and you should communicate this with your group accordingly.